Our Clinic History

In 1973 Drs. Tom and Debbie Brian established the Mandeville Animal Hospital in Mandeville, Louisiana. The Mandeville Animal Hospital was an "All Creatures Great and Small" sort of practice. Mandeville was a fishing village where homeowners had cows, horses, and pigs in their back yards. The very first patient of the Drs. Brian was a pet goose that was attacked by a dog and needed stitches. The doctors treated everything that walked or slithered into the lovely old building that was the animal hospital. The strong friendships between owners, patients and doctors made for excellent memories and stories.

The building of the Mandeville Animal Hospital was destroyed during Hurricane Katrina in August 2005. After working in Houston, Texas for 3 years post Katrina the veterinary hospital at 11920 Barker Cypress Road became available. Drs. Tom and Debbie Brian were delighted to re-establish the Mandeville Animal Hospital in Cypress, Tx.